The September issue of ENR New York will feature the rankings of specialty construction firms from across the region. The region includes New York and New Jersey. 

The Regional Top Specialty Contractors surveys are live and can be found here: 

If you have questions about the survey, email Justin Rice at

To be considered for the ENR New York Specialty Firm of the Year this year, email responses to the questions below to Justin Rice and Johanna Knapschaefer at

-What are your three top projects and what is your scope of work on the job? Please send some photos from those projects. Please send hi-resolution photos that you have the rights to. Please send photo credits. 

-What do you attribute your firm's recent success to? 

-How do you contribute to your community? 

Some of the firms that submitted surveys to the New York survey as of July 12, 2023 are listed below in alphabetical order:

Petillo, LLC 

United Civil, Inc

W&W Glass LLC