Despite the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to exert on the construction industry, we were impressed at the number of contractors who've had a strong year. But one small firm stood out with its technological and process innovations, as well as its year-to-year revenue growth and widely varying projects.

Wesbuilt Construction Managers LLC, based in New York City, is ENR New York's Contractor of the Year. We'll publish a comprehensive profile of the company in the July 18, 2022, issue of ENR New York.

A main reason for the honor: the firm has developed a comprehensive BIM process, called COLLAB, that it says saves clients money and virtually eliminates site condition-related change orders. The method incorporates 3D laser scanning of existing conditions; BIM modeling of spaces that accurately represents dimensions, clearances, and existing features that might have been omitted in design documents; and comparison of 3D scan data points with shop drawings to eliminate clashes between trades. Wesbuilt also provides all subcontractors with hand-held devices that show dimensions, locations, and paths for all elements of the project in 3D.

Wesbuilt says the process significantly reduces cost overruns, accelerates project delivery, and improves collaboration by eliminating conflicts. The firm scans even very small projects such as retail fit-outs during pre-bid walkthroughs.

In 2021, Wesbuilt posted regional revenue of $88,124,100, a 68% increase from 2020 revenue of $52,340,000. It attributes this growth to aggressive, focused market expansion into ground-up projects like multifamily residential buildings as well as into public work. In 2021, the $12M Amber Charter School was its largest regional project completed, and the $79M 34 Debrosses St. renovation was its largest to break ground in the region.

Finally, the firm recently raised $150,000 for the Little Baby Face Foundation, which helps children born with facial deformities through reconstructive surgery -- paying for the operations as well as travel expenses to and from NYC for the kids and their families. Its fifth annual gala fundraiser brought together local construction and real estate professionals with physicians. Wesbuilt’s president, Donal McIntyre, is vice president of the charity.