Early next year, ENR Midwest will publish a list of the largest projects to break ground in the region in 2013 – a snapshot of sorts of how and where funds are being committed for buildings, power plants, roads and bridges, and major infrastructure projects in the Midwest region. The list also helps identify projects of potential interest to readers of ENR Midwest.

That's where you come in. While we'll be drawing on internal data-bases and leads we've compiled on our own, we'd like you tell us about the largest projects to break ground in your neck of the woods to ensure the list is as complete as possible. Last year, projects on ENR Midwest's list of Top Project Starts ranged in value from $763 million to $50 million.

For purposes of the listing, we'll be looking for projects that broke ground in calendar 2013 in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin. If you're aware of or involved in a large project that meets those criteria, please e-mail us about it at john.gregerson@mhfi.com. Please include the name, location and dollar value of the project and , if you have it, the names and locations of key project team members.

To view a list of the largest projects to break ground in 2012, click here