Poring over 175 project nominations for the Best of 2010 Awards was a daunting task, but Midwest Construction's venerated panel of industry experts was engaged and passionate about their assignment until the end. 

The panel seemed to have little doubt about this year’s Project of the Year: 300 East Randolph’s Vertical Expansion in Chicago. The project’s fundamental challenge was also its main objective: constructing a building on top of a building—a 24-
story addition atop an existing, fully occupied 33-story office tower. 

This challenge cannot be underestimated, as it involved myriad complexities and coordination issues—all while assuring the safety of occupants within the existing building and the continued, uninterrupted operations of the company’s daily business.

So impressive was the project that the panel was determined to bequeath it with Project of the Year honors for both construction and design, awards that are typically given to separate projects.

All 60 or so winning projects will be featured in Midwest Construction’s December/January issue and honored during the Best of 2010 Awards ceremony on Dec. 14 at the Renaissance Chicago Hotel. Click here to see the complete list of winning projects, and to register to attend the awards event.

huge thanks goes to panel members John Mick, Baxter & Woodman Consulting Engineers; David Cullen, J.P. Cullen & Sons Inc.; Dave Alexander, James McHugh Construction Co.; Michael Kaufman, Goettsch Partners; Brian Teyema, Hill Mechanical Group; and Garret Browne, Rockey Structures. 

After reviewing the Best of 2010 projects, please come back and give us your thoughts and congratulations to this year’s winners as a blog comment. Thanks again, everyone, for participating.