When asking who is the best general contractor, my personal opinion is Hunzinger Construction.  Our organization has been a customer of theirs and from a customer, employee, community and construction improvement standpoint, they lead by example.

Customer Focus:
The company takes pride in meeting their construction deadlines and meeting or beating budget.  They communicate professionally and do not leave loose ends.  They take pride in their workmanship.  Hunzinger has built many of the public venues in the city of Milwaukee and they remain as landmarks decades after they are built.

Employee Focus:
Hunzinger takes great pride protecting their employees well-being.  Their focus on employee safety over the years lead to the company being nationally recognized by the AGC as the safest general contractor in the country for 2008.

Community Focus:
Hunzinger has given back to the Milwaukee and surrounding communities by their involvement with the Make a Wish Foundation where they have had two Presidents of the Foundation and granted over 100 wishes.  They have literally shipped tons of supplies to our troops in Iraq and Afganistan.

Construction Improvement:
Hunzinger  Construction University was founded in 2001.  In just the last two years, over 400 people were trained in LEED construction techniques and LEED AP Exam preparation training.  The University is a LEED Platinum certified and their office is LEED Gold certified.