The use of non bid Construction Services Procurement as the delivery method deserves an early warning of the corruption that will evolve from these non transparent procurement practices for tax payer facilities. Few if any bureaucrats possess the knowledge to oversee preferred and selective procurement of construction services. Additionally qualified consultants or advisers, for the most part, are not available to assist them with this procurement process. Therefore the highest probability exists for the process to fail the tax payer. On top of this the politicians will be provided with opportunity to become corrupted by ruthless contractors. The Construction Industry has for many years publicly declared "publicly opened low bid contracts" as the only adequate transparent procurement process for tax payer funded construction!

Falure to Lead!

Where has leadership of the construction bid process gone? Althought the A/E's service promises responsibility for leadship of the owner's project design and construction process many times their leadship is missing during the bid phase. This leads to needless mispricing and potential dispute during the construction phase. Why don't A/E's understand this? Moreover why wouldn't their principles assure good leadership for all projects' bid process?