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Lauren Mandel

Lauren Mandel 
San Antonio Associated General Contractors

In San Antonio, there’s a notable shift toward infrastructure and public sector projects, supported by stable funding sources, including a $2.5-billion airport master plan. These projects “reflect ongoing robust investment in public and infrastructure projects due to substantial population growth,” Mandel says. “Despite economic challenges impacting private sector projects, the public sector remains active, helping to cushion industry against broader financial uncertainties.” She says market watchers also are awaiting a decision on “a potential new home” for the San Antonio Spurs basketall team.

“The quickly growing Texas economy, underpinned by steady population growth and urbanization, is expected to influence the construction landscape over the next five years,” Mandel notes.  “This influx of residents and enterprises is expected to sustain demand for new construction and infrastructure upgrades across various sectors. This translates to housing, education, health care, roads, parks and utility infrastructure “to support the increase in population and businesses.,” she says.