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How IFS Cloud can help you embrace the trend:

  • Companies are increasingly investing in an industrialized construction strategy and adapting their business processes to improve project delivery performance.
    But these terms can mean different things depending on your industry sector: offsite and prefab construction, construction integrated manufacturing, P-DfMA (platform designed for manufacturing & assembly) and more.
    The common thread across this trend is the standardization of materials and processes and doing less work on site and more in offsite facilities. For those companies embracing the trend, the benefits are great—from reducing costs by up to 20% to accelerating project timelines by as much as 50%.
  • The definition, categories, and origins of industrialized construction
  • The drivers accelerating the trend, including low margins, labor shortages, and sustainability
  • How a best-in-class ERP system can help you embrace industrialized construction while still performing core business processes on the same platform