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Margaret McDonald

Margaret McDonald 
Marketing Principal

“The Brickline Greenway project is an important one for our city. It will link an existing series of established neighborhoods and significant public buildings and create a more pedestrian-friendly experience in downtown,” McDonald says. “The planned bike and pedestrian trails will facilitate both east-west and north-south connections, creating a path from the Gateway Arch grounds to the Forest Park and Tower Grove parks and to the Fairgrounds park. It’s exciting to see this commitment to pedestrian-centric development. We’re bound to see increased investment along those pathways as the project comes to fruition. 

“There’s also quite a bit of excitement around proposed plans for a new terminal at St. Louis Lambert International Airport. The project just received Federal Aviation Administration approval of a 2023 airport master plan and an additional review process is underway. 

“St. Louis also has momentum around new industries including the agricultural sciences,” McDonald says. “There’s excitement around the development of the 39 North Agtech Innovation District, which will impact the growth and trajectory of our leadership in the industry and attract jobs.”