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Vince Ward

Vince Ward
Business Development Director — Iowa Commercial
The Weitz Company

A new state law in Iowa is creating new opportunities. “The passage of legislation in July of 2022 has opened the door for public entities to use the construction manager at-risk (CMAR) delivery model,” Ward says. “The Des Moines International Airport new terminal project, which is breaking ground in the fall of 2023, will be the first time a state-funded project has utilized CMAR in Iowa. Before this bill was passed, publicly funded projects were unable to use CMAR as a delivery method.”

The market in DesMoines has been strong, and new opportunities related to the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic have emerged. 

“The Des Moines metropolitan area continues to see a robust building environment across most building sectors. Even office environments are being reimagined to fit the changes in the post-pandemic work environment, including hybrid and flexible work models,” he says.

Weitz is looking forward to the fall 2023 completion of the Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. This complex project serves international, national and local needs related to overall animal health.