Lincoln Crossing Lobby Renovations



Submitted By: PCL Construction Services Inc.

Owner: Lincoln Property Co.

Lead Design Firm: Gensler

General Contractor: PCL Construction Services Inc.

Civil Engineer: Kimley-Horn

Structural Engineer: Martin/Martin Consulting Engineers

MEP Engineer: IMEG

The Lincoln Crossing project transformed a 27,000-sq-ft lobby into a modern open-plan space with ceiling heights increased to 30 ft through more than 14,000 sq ft of renovations to the exterior facade. The original lobby allowed little to no natural light, had outdated stucco ceilings and several nonstructural beams and columns that created several pockets of underutilized space.

Lincoln Crossing serves as an adjoining lobby space for two office towers located in a high-traffic, multimodal area. Expanding the lobby allowed space for the addition of bleacher-style stairs with a large projection screen, providing an attractive venue for tents to hold special events. Expanding the building footprint across an existing outdoor patio also created space for a new fitness center. Other features include a plaza-level outdoor patio lounge area and collaborative meeting space, a bike storage area, multipurpose room, pantry and kitchen area and floor-to-ceiling glazing.

With no laydown and staging space for exterior construction, the project team acquired six parking spaces in the basement garage that could be accessed through the loading dock for deliveries. Near-daily communication with all trade partners was needed to coordinate just-in-time deliveries and ensure each trade had sufficient room to carry out its work efficiently.

Lincoln Crossing Lobby Renovations

Photo by MKM Build Photography, courtesy Gensler and PCL Construction Services

The lobby space remained open and in full use throughout the renovation. With exterior work taking place just above garage entrances, the project team added extra spotters to manage the flow of cars and prevent conflicts. Off-hours work schedules mitigated disruption to office tenants, especially during demolition. Framing and finishing work was scheduled to take place before normal work hours, with crews vacating the area to allow tenants and visitors free movement.

When alternate work schedules were not feasible, extra barricades and extensive signage throughout the lobby spaces alerted both work crews and tenants to changes in the construction schedule. Safety measures included fall protection with proper tie-offs and workflow changes to minimize disruptions when vehicles entered and exited the garage. These measures protected work crews and the public and resulted in no recordable incidents or lost-time accidents over more than 82,000 worker-hours.

Lincoln Crossing Lobby Renovations

Photo by MKM Build Photography, courtesy Gensler and PCL Construction Services

A variety of high-end finishes and materials were sourced from around the world to complement the expansive new space and provide an upscale, contemporary feel. They include a fabric screen system for the parking garage made in Germany, an exterior glass facade manufactured in the Netherlands and floor tile crafted in Italy. Even with pandemic supply chain issues, the ambitious renovation was completed on schedule and at budget. With the downtown Denver workforce expected to grow rapidly in the coming years, the upgraded lobby renovation will be a valuable addition not only to attract new tenants but also to draw prospective employees into a vibrant, amenity-filled location.