MoreRNO, a multifaceted infrastructure program that represents the largest investment in Reno-Tahoe International Airport’s history, got underway in October with groundbreaking for a $32-million expansion to the existing ticketing area and lobby. The two-year, 9,550-sq-ft expansion, led by construction manager McCarthy Building Cos., aims to cut congestion by using extra space from the existing 30-ft-wide curb to extend the lobby to provide more self-service kiosks and raise ceilings. Next year will see the start of two other MoreRNO projects: 1,600 linear ft of airport access road upgrades to improve traffic flow and a $200-million consolidated rental car facility and ground transportation center funded through a public-private partnership. The Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority also recently approved a $500-million plan to build two new concourses. Targeted to open in 2029, they would provide 28 gates—five more than the existing 42-year-old facility has now.


Detroit Poised for Transformation

Coleman A. Young Municipal Airport

Image courtesy City of Detroit

Federal approval of Coleman A. Young Municipal Airport’s first layout plan in 30 years will allow access to more than $100 million in federal grants for improvements over the next decade. Construction will start this year on new hangars for twin-engine and single-engine aircraft and, in 2026, on a new air traffic control tower. Airside improvements include decommissioning a runway to open 80 acres for development. Benjamin O. Davis Aerospace Technical High School will relocate back to the airport site.


Spokane International

Service Capacity Adds

Now underway is the first phase of a $150-million terminal expansion and renovation program. The centerpiece 144,000-sq-ft expansion will add three new gates and six airline ticket counter locations in Terminal C, while several existing ground boarding gates will be replaced with three passenger loading bridges. The project also includes HVAC upgrades and security improvements.


721 Million
Number of passengers on U.S. domestic flights for the 12 months ending in July 2022

Source: U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Indianapolis International

Sustainable Runway Rebuild

A $190-million runway strengthening and capacity enhancement project now underway will also make the airport first in the U.S. to use carbon capture technology for a runway, officials say. Along with reusing the 30-year-old former runway’s concrete for sub-base layers, the 22-in. top concrete layer will contain enough sequestered CO2 to equal 1.2 million trees planted, they say, and will have a 40-year service life. Set to be complete in 2024, project funding includes a $56-million federal airport improvement grant.


Chattanooga Metropolitan

Expanded Horizons

two-year, $28-million project will add 26,000 sq ft to the existing terminal and renovate 36,000 sq ft of existing concourse. Three new passenger loading bridges will support additional flights and routes as the Tennessee airport expands its destination base, while added security lanes will provide more capacity during peak travel.


Phoenix-Mesa Gateway

No Stop-Gap Solution

A $28-million, 30,000-sq-ft enclosed concourse addition now underway will replace a 10,000-sq-ft annex of temporary portable buildings in use since 2007. The project will include five gates, glass walkway, tech lounge, new restaurants and shops and storage and support space.