Skybox Chicago

Elk Grove Village, Ill.

Award of Merit

Submitted By: Turner Construction Co.

Owner: Skybox Datacenters/Proligis

Lead Designer: Corgan Architects

General Contractor: Turner Construction Co.

Structural Engineer: TGRWA

MEP Engineer: kW Mission Critical Engineering

Material shortages presented challenges throughout construction of the 190,000-sq-ft data center. The largest impact was due to a shortage of resin for the roofing insulation. One hundred and fourteen trucks of insulation were required to re-pitch the existing deck slope. Initially, five trucks of insulation were planned for delivery each day over a period of one month. Due to shortages, deliveries were severely limited. Turner was able to accurately forecast and improve delivery of material to meet project schedule.

Exterior project scope consisted of saw-cutting and removal of concrete in the mechanical yard area for installation of new utilities; cutting and capping the existing main water lines for installation of a new main water line; and installation of new storm sewer lines and new roof drains. The interior scope included removal of all existing equipment on the roof as well as removal of existing interior equipment and materials.

Turner’s safety program included project-specific pretask planning and crew huddles. Each crew completed a daily pretask plan to identify each task and review associated hazards. Prior to a contractor’s arrival on site, Turner and the contractor’s leadership met for a safety kick-off meeting during which job hazard analysis documents were created for review by the crews. These documents established the baseline for the daily pretask plans. The project was completed on time and on budget with no OSHA recordable incidents and no lost-time accidents.