Gregory, Texas



Owner: GCGV

Lead Design Firm: MHI

GC: Zachry Group

Zachry Group delivered a two-train polyethylene unit that is part of a new $7-billion chemical complex in Gregory, Texas. At the time of groundbreaking in September 2019, it was the largest producing facility of its kind.

The polyethylene unit was designed to be 85% modularized. Modules were precommissioned and shipped to site, which reduced the startup schedule. Schedule was further optimized by completing subsurface utilities and foundations while modules were erected in another location on site.

Zachry Group worked alongside a Japanese engineering firm and a Chinese modular company to overcome obstacles presented by COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, employees could not travel to China and were not able to physically inspect the modules until they arrived in the U.S.

To mitigate potential issues, Zachry implemented the use of virtual tour technology. The team conducted virtual tours of modules to evaluate them and provide a quality check before they arrived in the U.S. This strategy helped keep deliveries on schedule and was more cost efficient than traveling back and forth to China.


Photo by Nick Grancharoff

Zachry’s quality team reviewed all aspects of the project before work was performed. This strategy helped head off potential safety concerns and serve as a double check for safety and efficiency. As a result, the project saw very limited rework in the field, achieving a 0.26% rejection on all quality inspections performed on site.

To better address project challenges, Zachry and engineer MHIA worked together with a national leadership consulting firm, utilizing transformational leadership techniques. These techniques are typically only for high-level leaders, but for this project, all leadership down to frontline supervisors was trained. Superintendents, general foremen and foremen were taught how to effectively communicate and lead their teams using a Vision Wheel, which is a multifaceted tool that details a project’s goals and values.

The project was completed ahead of schedule in January 2022 and below budget. Zachry Group reported no OSHA recordable incidents or lost-time accidents during 1.75 million work-hours.