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Ryan Haynie

Ryan Haynie 
Vice President 
Manhattan Construction Co.

The northeast Oklahoma construction market is steaming ahead at a strong pace, Haynie says, and a considerable volume of projects currently in the design and preconstruction phase of development indicates strength in the future as well.

“Although all sectors are participating in the robust construction outlook, the health care, manufacturing, infrastructure and mission-critical sectors are particularly strong. Several K-12 bond programs and the influx of federal funding are contributing factors to the positive market conditions,” he says. “Inflationary conditions, supply chain issues and a strained labor supply continue to be the restrictor plates for the overall market.”

Haynie notes that project teams are actively managing the supply chain of every single product on their projects rather than just the traditional long lead items. As a result, “strong relationships with trade partners are more critical now than ever before.”

Meanwhile, the eventual Highway 412 conversion to an interstate and the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority’s $5-billion, 15-year long-range Access Oklahoma plan are the two biggest upcoming initiatives in the area, Haynie says.