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Josh Sylvester

Josh Sylvester 
Project Executive and Operations Director,  Connecticut Region
Consigli Construction

Sylvester says material shortages are in large part due to “drastic growth of the logistics market” being driven by Amazon fulfillment centers under construction in Connecticut, including a 3.6-million- sq-ft facility in Windsor. “We’re seeing extreme shortages in key materials like metal decking and steel joists,” he says. Sylvester adds that there is “a greater sense of urgency when it comes to purchasing and storing materials to keep projects on schedule.” 
Health care work is busy thanks to demand for facilities to support administering vaccines and making sure “buildings are as healthy as possible” with adequate air flow, Sylvester says. He adds that while there has not been a “negative impact” when some health care and higher education clients required workers to be vaccinated, “data from our sub-partners showed that only about 70% of the workforce was vaccinated as of the end of October 2021. This number could have risen since then, but these findings will be important to keep in mind if more projects across sectors implement vaccine mandates in 2022.”