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Bruce Stidworthy

Bruce Stidworthy 
Bohannan Huston

“Right now a lot of AEC firms are trying to understand how funding from the federal infrastructure program will be used both in Albuquerque and the rest of the state,” Stidworthy says. “We know it’s supposed to be coming, so firms are trying to figure out how the money will flow and how it will impact us.”

Public infrastructure investments and private development have remained strong for the past couple years in the region despite the pandemic, “and there’s a lot of new potential work to spread around the local market,” he adds.

One of the biggest challenges remains employment. “And with hybrid and remote work becoming prevalent—even expected—as a new normal, the competition for good people is even greater,” Stidworthy says.

Contractors are busy in Albuquerque, and with both material and labor prices going up, “we are seeing bids come in significantly higher than anticipated,” he adds. “Some of our clients are finding that less contractors are bidding on projects because they are so busy. With federal infrastructure funding headed our way, we don’t see this changing in the short term.”