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Mason Karnas

Mason Karnas 
Lone Sun Builders Inc.

The Albuquerque construction market has been busy with both private and public sector work remaining strong. Most contractors had high volume with good profitability and are carrying large backlogs, while material supply chains are showing signs of stability, with lead times shortening and continuity in pricing, says Karnas, the second-generation owner of the Albuquerque-based general contractor.

The availability of skilled labor continues to be the central challenge. “We continue to be creative in how to best navigate the issue,” Karnas says. “We’ve been selective on what projects we pursue based on project schedule, size, client and project location.” The company has about 60 employees and reported 2023 revenue of approximately $8 million.

Looking ahead, Karnas expects construction activity and bidding opportunities to remain strong in the private sectors of medical, retail, technology and industrial. “We also see some growth in the interest for trade school and apprenticeship programs, which we hope might alleviate some of the skilled labor issues we’re facing,” he says.