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Chuck GoodrichChuck Goodrich
President and CEO
Gaylor Electric

“The electrical contracting market hit a low in early summer to late summer, but since late summer it has really come back, and we had a record month in September and we’ve been steadily picking up new work in October,” Goodrich says. “The market seemed to come back with really good jobs, too. Indiana’s policy on bringing people and companies here has been strong, and we’ve enjoyed that. We have not had a job in the Midwest that either shuttered due to local regulations or was closed due to cases of COVID-19. The industry here took it dead serious.”


Firm in Focus

Gaylor Electric
5750 Castle Creek Parkway North Drive, Indianapolis
CEO: Chuck Goodrich
Employees: 750
Founded: 1984
School Days: The Gaylor Electric Crossing School of Business & Entrepreneurship in Noblesville lost some students due to local school shutdowns, but they are starting to come back.