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Nate LelleNate Lelle
Executive Vice President of Business Development
Meyer Najem Construction

“We’ve tried to take the approach that we want to do the right jobs at the right price. We don’t have to go chase jobs or chase revenue. Just keep an even keel. Keep our people busy but not overload them scenario, so it works really well for us that way,” Lelle says. “We feel confident that we’ll be able to exceed [our budget goals this year]. We’ve got some good backlog for next year already. Now that’s probably the case for most people. If you’re not doing well right now, you’re not doing something right.”

Firm in Focus

Meyer Najem Construction
11787 Lantern Road, Fishers, Ind.
CEO: Anthony Najem
Employees: 95
Founded: 1987
Recent project: Meyer Najem built the 123,000-sq-ft Riverview Women’s Pavilion in Indianapolis. It offers mammograms, prenatal and birthing classrooms, osteoporosis screenings and a pharmacy.