Exhibit Staging Center
Award of Merit

Owner: Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
General Contractor: Massaro Construction Group
Lead Design Firm: FortyEighty Architecture
Civil/Structural Engineer: Common Ground
MEP Engineer: Iams Consulting LLC
Landscape Architect: Studio Phipps
Subcontractors: Dom DeMarco Construction (Concrete); Hanlon Electric; Preferred Fire Protection; Harris Masonry; American Erection (Steel Erection)

The latest green building technology transformed a dilapidated 60-year-old cinder block maintenance building on a former brownfield into an 8,700-sq-ft multi-use facility dedicated to sustainability and the physical well-being of occupants and visitors. The net-positive energy building features ultra-efficient solar-powered lighting and battery storage, a seven well geothermal heating and cooling system and constructed wetlands that filter all stormwater for reuse.

Natural materials such as black locust lumber and locally sourced sandstone enhance the building’s exterior, but other efforts to meet rigorous green building standards proved more problematic. Identifying sustainable building materials free of potentially harmful additives from domestic sources proved to be an ongoing challenge. The limited market for several compliant materials also increased lead times, affecting the project timeline. Weekly team-wide meetings kept the owners informed of these issues and allowed for a clear decision-making process. Advanced project management technology kept subcontractors informed.

Although budget and schedule overages proved unavoidable, the project team strived to minimize added costs while still adhering to the project’s original vision and goals.

Besides safeguarding workers, the project’s safety plan also addressed awareness and preservation of the adjacent park environment. The plan also protected an adjacent popular multi-use trail, frog pond and beehives. Debris control measures were also strictly enforced during the project.

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