The Greater Chicago Food Depository is planning to construct  a meal preparation kitchen. The 40,000-sq-ft building will be located at 4100 W. Ann Lurie Place in Chicago. The project is valued at $50 million. Greater Chicago Food Depository, 4501 S. Tripp Ave., Chicago, 60632. DR#19-00887620.


Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization is planning to construct the Water Trails Downtown Project, which will turn 150 miles of waterways in central Iowa into a recreational amenity. The plan’s centerpiece is a series of whitewater features that would replace three dangerous low-head dams along the Des Moines and Raccoon rivers and draw kayakers, paddlers and even surfers to the downtown waters. It also includes out-of-water activities like zip-lining and rock climbing. The project is valued at $117 million. Des Moines Area MPO, Attn: Gunnar Olson, Communications Manager, 420 Watson Powell Jr. Way, Des Moines, 50309. DR#18-00903668.


MiCoast Properties is planning to create a residential development in Muskegon. The 83-acre, $100-million development—known as The Docks—is planned to include 143 detached homes, 67 townhomes, a 30-unit condo building and a 12-acre boat basin. MiCoast Properties, 560 Mart St., Muskegon, 49440. DR#19-00512208.


Cleveland Clinic is planning to build a 400,000-sq-ft neurological institute. The project is valued at $160 million. Cleveland Clinic, Office of Construction, 10465 Carnegie Ave., Cleveland, 44106. DR#19-00762059.

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