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Michael Davis, Business Development ManagerMichael Davis
Business Development Manager, City of Jackson

Construction permit numbers are trending up for the state capital, and continued growth is expected through 2020. “A number of hotels have gone vertical in the last two years, and others are planned for the downtown and midtown,” Davis says.

To complete its new convention center campus, the city has an RFP due May 9 for a $285-million master-planned hotel, parking garage, residences, restaurants and entertainment on 7.5 acres.

“Once we have a contract, the city will contribute a portion of the cost, with the remainder financed by the master developer,” he says, noting that this is expected by the end of August, with September as a potential groundbreaking.

In addition, a city initiative calls for the five-mile ONELINE multimodal corridor for cars, bikes and buses from Jackson State University to such hospitals as Baptist Medical Center.

“We are optimistic that downtown, midtown and northeast Jackson will prosper through this year and next. And the city is offering opportunity-zone incentives for our west and south sides,” Davis says.