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Synthia JaramilloSynthia Jaramillo
City of Albuquerque Economic Development

In 2018, the Duke City experienced a surge in mixed-use projects, including The Highlands, which feature apartments and a hotel. New Mexico’s biggest city is also growing thanks to iconic television exposure that has led to Netflix’s recent purchase of Albuquerque Studios in the master-planned community of Mesa del Sol, Jaramillo says. Four seasons of “Breaking Bad” and other projects were shot there.

Jaramillo says Integrated Control Systems has purchased land at Mesa del Sol with plans for future development.

Firm in Focus

Weil Construction
3344 Princeton Drive NE, Albuquerque
President & CEO: Chris Weil
Founded: 2005
What’s New: This Small Business Administration award-winning firm is working on several projects at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque.