Munger Place Water Improvements
Award of Merit

Owner: City of Dallas/Dallas Water Utilities
Lead Design Firm/Civil: RPS
General Contractor: ARK Contracting Services
Land Surveying: Criado & Associates
Geotechnical Engineering: Gorrondona & Associates Inc.
Surveying/Mapping: SAM Engineering and Testing

The Munger brothers, cotton gin manufacturers, established Munger Place in 1905 as an upscale community just south of Dallas. By the 1960s, many of its 250 historic homes had deteriorated. In 1980, area residents persuaded the city  to create the Munger Place Historic District—the nation’s largest collection of Prairie-style homes.

After restoring the older homes, new residents complained about red water coming from the 100-year-old cast-iron pipes. The city contracted with the project team to replace those pipes on an accelerated timeline. Sequenced one block at a time, crews used trenchless technology to minimize disruptions in the neighborhood as they installed 24,800 linear ft of water pipeline and 12,700 linear ft of wastewater pipeline.

Complaints about the water decreased significantly, and the city began investigating how to apply the same techniques to other water-distribution system projects in its 700-mile service area.

The team completed construction in May 2017, working within a budget that was adjusted when the city added a cured-in-place pipe element to the project.

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