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Justin DoyleJustin Doyle
Modus Engineering

“A dominant theme throughout Des Moines developments this year will be diversity,” Doyle says. “For (Modus) to be able to create a diverse Des Moines metropolitan area requires us to consciously make an effort toward affordable housing, market-rate housing and homeownership opportunities, not only for the core but also increasingly for outside the area. All of that leads to the retail side of what we can do in order to grow commerce that’s in close proximity to where people live or work, to create a metro area that is more vibrant from an economic standpoint.”

Firm in Focus

Modus Engineering
130 E. 3rd St., #300, Des Moines
Principals: Justin Doyle, Mike Brocka, Harry Doyle
What’s New: Modus was the engineer for the Cedar Valley Sportsplex in Waterloo, Iowa. A variable-air-volume (VAV) system was specified to modulate the amount of air each sports area receives.