City Grill

Jennifer WeaverJennifer Weaver
Business Development Manager

Charlotte continues to feel positive effects from light rail development, says Weaver, who currently serves as president of the Charlotte chapter of the Society for Marketing Professional Services. The planned expansion of the LYNX line “has created an enormous rush for developers to buy up real estate” along that route, she says. As a result, Weaver expects the city’s Noda area to experience “a lot of construction and development over the next few years due to the increased visibility that will come once that new extension is completed."

Firm in Focus

Alevo USA
2321 Concord Parkway South, Concord, N.C.
CEO: Chris Christiansen
Employees: 215 (Local)
Founded: 2009
Big Investment: Energystorage firm Alevo is planning a $251-million expansion of its Concord production plant. State and local entities have committed more than $13 million in tax incentives for the project.