Kirk in the Hills
Award of Merit

Owner Kirk in the Hills
Lead Design Firm Harley Ellis Devereaux
Contractor Sachse Construction

A combination of proper planning, constant communication of expectations and vigilant enforcement of safety rules resulted in no lost-time accidents and a zero OSHA recordable incident rate on this 15,000-worker-hour project. Before work began on the $3-million renovation of the Gothic-stone Presbyterian Church on one of the most unique grounds in the metropolitan Detroit area, every worker was required to attend an onsite safety orientation focused on job specifics and overall safety requirements. Afterward, workers were required to sign an agreement indicating their understanding and acceptance of the guidelines. The general contractor’s safety director conducted monthly onsite safety audits, which were in turn sent to the offices of all subcontractors, the owner’s management staff and the general contractor’s top management team. Foremen on the site were required to submit and review with their superintendents the project’s pretask plans, which identified potential hazards and offered solutions to minimize the risks.

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