Jim Herndon

Submitted By:
Dara Davulcu
Senior Marketing Coordinator
Skiles Group
Richardson, Texas

Crews with Skiles Group install tilt wall panels at the new Fit N Wise recreation center in Decatur, Texas. The $14-million, 74,000-sq-ft structure is located on the campus of Wise Regional Hospital.

Herndon, the photographer, says he “wanted to give a sense of scale to the project without making the workers look too small. I liked how the support beams framed the workers and receded into the background, so I took a number of photos from that perspective. The rest was waiting for the right moment to show the action.”

Herndon used a Nikon D610 with a 70-200mm Nikon lens. The photo was “processed from a RAW image to a JPEG in Adobe Lightroom and then further enhanced in Photoshop,” he says.