Newport, R.I.

Key Players

Owner City of Newport, R.I.

Architect AECOM

General Contractor C. H. Nickerson & Co.

MEP Engineer E.W. Audet & Sons

SCADA Integrator Aaron Associates

Newport’s water demand increases during the summer, when the quality of its water supply can be poor. To increase the system’s capacity and to meet stricter water quality regulations, the project team replaced a 1940s-era facility with a 7-million-gallon-per-day treatment plant located atop an existing 4-million-gallon storage reservoir. Storage capacity was preserved during construction of the facility through the installation of a 1-million-gallon interim storage tank at the corner of the site. The tank provided finished water to the city’s water distribution system from the existing plant, allowing the buried reservoir to be demolished early in construction. By constructing the new plant at the preferred location, the project team could eliminate costly sludge pumping, storage tanks and backwash tanks.

The new plant’s water recycling system makes the facility 99.5% water efficient, while high-efficiency motors, variable fan drives and a design approach guided by LEED-certified standards contribute to its energy efficiency.

As part of the project, a second, underperforming 9-MGD plant was upgraded with new water treatment technology and process chemicals virtually identical to those at the other plant. Both facilities utilize advanced treatment technology designed specifically for the periods when raw water quality is at its lowest. Multiple chemical dosing applications provide maximum flexibility for treating changing water conditions. Construction with precast structural panels with architectural finishes reduced construction time and will allow for easy maintenance.