Replacing boilers, chillers, generators and other major elements of the medical center’s central plant was not only seamless for patients and staff, but also came in under budget and ahead of schedule with no safety incidents. Construction of the $7-million facility began in June 2014 and was completed in March.

Crews removed three 300- ton chillers and installed three 450-ton chillers. Six chilled water pumps with energy-efficient and variable frequency drives, two 1-MW generators and three steam boilers with 119 horsepower and a 5-million BTU rating were also installed. A new 1,300-gallonper- minute Marley tower replaces two preexisting towers. The new tower uses approximately 60% of the hospital’s daily water supply.

The construction team could not cut power at any time while upgrading the systems. To ensure uninterrupted operations, crews transferred loads en masse from the preexisting switchboards to the new setup. The team repeated the process after the installation of each new switchboard, followed by final relocation of equipment to the supply sources.

To mitigate impacts on the confined workspace—adjacent to a helipad—crane lifts featured an oversized arm to improve responsiveness to emergency situations. Kitchell’s use of lean construction principles limited material staging.

The construction team participated in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program and was awarded Star Status in December 2014.

Honor Health Deer Valley Medical Center Plant Upgrade


Key Players
Honor Health
Lead Design Firm LSW Engineers
General Contractor Kitchell
Subcontractors ETC Group, Jones Concrete Construction, WD Manor, Climatec, Milling Machinery, Techniquex