Marc MarchantMarc Marchant
Principal/Office Leader
LS3P, Charleston
Though Charleston’s manufacturing sector has been growing for years, it’s just now “beginning to hit a major stride,” says LS3P’s Marchant, citing recently planned investments by Daimler and Volvo. That’s fueling residential growth, he adds, noting that an average of 43 people move to Charleston every day. With opportunities in residential, K-12, commercial office and hotels abounding, “It is an exciting time,” Marchant says.

Firm in Focus

GEL Engineering LLC
2040 Savage Rd., Charleston, S.C.

Director: Keith McCullock
Founded: 1981
What's New: The U.S. Dept. of Commerce recently recognized GEL for global trade excellence. The firm has provided analytical services for the Fukushima disaster and recently formed a UKbased group.