The third portion of what will eventually become part of the entire Eagle Pass Outer Loop began late summer with Laredo’s 5.6-mi-segment construction of State Loop 480.

Zachry Construction Corp.’s Grand Prairie office will be responsible for constructing the segment at a cost of $26.2 million. The project, with limits from FM 1021 to U.S. 57, calls for the construction of a non-freeway facility consisting of grading, hot-mix asphaltic concrete pavement, flex-base materials, treatment to subgrade, bridges and drainage structures, pavement markings, illumination and signals. The project is 5.670 mi. in length.

Project development started in the late 1990s with three segments making up the Eagle Pass Outer Loop, which will extend from international bridge II to U.S. 277 North. The first segment is from FM 1021 to U.S. 57. Future segments will be from international bridge II to FM 1021, and the other, from U.S. 57 to U.S. 277N. It is funded by TxDOT’s Proposition 14.