Six additional NMDOT projects will be funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act with $24 million in surplus money from other stimulus funded highway projects that came in below estimates. The money will be divided up equally between the six transportation districts for pavement preservation projects over a total of 84 miles.

Construction will include: I-10 from mile marker 116-124 in Dona Ana County; N.M. 206 from mile 41-68 in Roosevelt County; I-25 from mile 184-202 in Valencia County; U.S. 64 from mile 404-417 in Union County; U.S. 491 from mile 77-90 (northbound) in San Juan County; and I-40 from mile 40-45 in McKinley County.

The McKinley County project will go out to bid in November with construction anticipated in March 2010. The remaining projects are expected to be awarded within the next six months.