Submitted by Sundt Construction, Inc

This LEED gold project resulted through collaboration between citizen groups, the private sector and government. This new facility replaces Tucson’s aging Fire Station #1 and is named for the original 1909 Fire Central, displaying that station’s historic “Five Mile Bell” in its prominent bell tower.

Photo:Cooperthwaite Photography

The 70,000-sq-ft,, two-story structure includes firefighter living accommodations, six apparatus bays, fire department offices, an emergency operations center and a public museum, all constructed over a below-grade, two-level secure parking garage. Built within the confines of Tucson’s historic barrio, the structure features traditional materials, finishes and forms.

An added feature of the project was construction of the first segment of a linear park extending through downtown Tucson.

The project’s high degree of complexity and use of subgrade parking impressed the judges.

Owner: City of Tucson – Fire Department
General Contractor: Sundt Construction, Inc.
Architect: WSM Architects
Engineers: DOWL HKM; Schneider & Associates; PH Mechanical Engineering; Monrad Engineering
Subcontractors: Border Glass; Kazal Fire Protection; R.E. Lee Mechanical; Sturgeon Electric Co.; Santa Rita Landscaping; Ruiz Masonry; Skyline Steel; Watson Roofing;