Submitted by Valley Rain Construction Corp.

This 65-acre recreational facility was constructed atop a closed municipal landfill. Unique recreational offerings include an undulating disc golf course, 25-lane archery range, playgrounds and multi-use trails. The project recycles used tires, road millings, salvaged culvert pipes and broken concrete to create artistic forms. More than 1,500 discarded tires and 200 ft of worn conveyor belts were reclaimed to form the safety backstop to the archery range and provide retaining walls in the play area.

Photo:Daniel Kuwitzky,Valley rain Construction

Due to environmental regulations, excavation was not allowed to penetrate the landfill cap. In order to allow for utilities and landscaping, 478,000 cu yds of soil was placed in fills up to 10 ft deep over the site. Crews used GPS Controls and PVC standpipes to mark and record the surface of the existing landfill cap.

Natural ground subsidence required flexible pavements and an innovative reclaimed water irrigation system with flexible piping. A series of 26 embedded moisture sensors reduces the risk of leaks or joint separation of the irrigation system.

Owner: City of Chandler
General Contractor: Valley Rain Construction Corp.
Architect: EPG, Inc.
Engineers: Dibble Engineering; Caruso Turley Scott; Hoque and Associates; Wright Engineering; Kominsky Irrigation
Subcontractors: Caves Canopies; Kimbrell Electric; Tom Strich Artist