Submitted by New Mexico Department of Transportation � District Three

This project improves traffic operations in Albuquerque by adding continuous auxiliary lanes between ramps, reconstructing deteriorating pavement and replacing aging bridge structures.

Photo Phil Gallegos

With traffic forecast to increase and design speeds going from 55 to 70 mph, this project improves traffic operations, corrects physical deficiencies and improves safety for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists.

Two projects led by different design firms were brought together under one bid package and executed under a single contract. The teamwork of all involved made this plan a success and helped reduce costs and create less disruption to the travelling public.

Recycling 60,000 tons of base course eliminated the need for 7,500 loads of new materials. Noise pollution was also lessened through the use of a combined noise/retaining wall system.

Owner: New Mexico Department of Transportation - District Three
Design Engineers: Bohannan Huston, Inc.; Wilson & Company, Inc.
General Contractor: A.S. Horner
Landscape: Sites Southwest
Subcontractors: Anderson Drilling; Mutual Drilling; DH Underground; J-H Supply; McDade-Woodcock; SanBar; Guzman Construction Solutions; Coreslab Structures; Rinker Materials; Holly Asphalt