Submitted by Hunter Contracting Co.

This project constructed a safer roadway over this notoriously flood-prone Scottsdale wash crossing, with landscaped medians, bike lanes and a ten-barrel arched bridge crossing. The two-lane roadway was widened to four lanes. New sidewalks, ramps and pathways connect the Indian Bend path system to McCormick Railroad Park.

Photo: URS/Hunter Contracting Co.

The project incorporated six flow berms and one delta planter within the basin south of the bridge. Construction included storm drains, landscaping and relocation of over .5 mi of new water lines. Lighting fixtures atop 30-ft-tall, black powder-coated poles are staggered on each side of the bridge to provide functional yet dramatic lighting. The north side of bridge features a unique design element consisting of five horse “gargoyles” in different poses.

The judges were impressed by this elegant solution to a long-standing flooding problem.

Owner: City of Scottsdale
General Contractor: Hunter Contracting Co.
Lead Engineer: URS Corp.
Engineers: Sacra Engineering; RA Alcala & Associates, Inc.
Landscape Architect: J2 Engineering