A new public opinion poll recently released by Denver’s Regional Transportation District shows that seven years into RTD’s multi-billion dollar FasTracks transit expansion program, 80% of metro-area residents say that approving FasTracks funding in 2004 was a good decision.

Not surprisingly, jobs, employment and the economy continue to be seen as the top issues facing the Denver metro area, cited by 47% of survey participants. However, when asked to identify the most important benefits specific to FasTracks, the top three responses were:

• Reducing traffic congestion – 26%

• Providing more choice to get to and from places throughout the region – 21%

• Making it more convenient to get around – 18%

Residents identified television news, newspapers, radio and online outlets as the primary sources most important to them for receiving information and updates about FasTracks.

Other key survey findings included:

• 70% of metro residents have a favorable impression of RTD in general

• 56% of metro residents have a favorable impression of FasTracks, up 7 %
from 2010

• Familiarity with FasTracks is moderately high, with 58% of residents classifying themselves as “very” or “somewhat” familiar with the program.

The phone survey, conducted from a random sampling of residents across the eight-county Regional Transportation District, has a 95% statistical validity, with a 4.2% margin of error.

FasTracks will build 122 miles of commuter rail and light rail, 18 miles of bus rapid transit service, add 21,000 new parking spaces, redevelop Denver Union Station and redirect bus service to better connect the eight-county District.

The FasTracks investment initiative is projected to create thousands of construction-related jobs during the height of construction and will pump billions of dollars into the regional economy over the next 20 years.