Mountain States Construction: How many projects has the district cancelled or put on hold because of funding?

Construction has begun on the new Escuela Bilingue Pioneer Elementary in Lafayette. The $4.6-million school will open in August 2011.
Rendering Courtesy Of H+L Architecture
Construction has begun on the new Escuela Bilingue Pioneer Elementary in Lafayette. The $4.6-million school will open in August 2011.

John Bollinger: None, we have been proceeding with our 2006 Bond Program. We actually accelerated some of the projects to take advantage of the favorable bid market.

MSC: How has the current bidding frenzy impacted projects in your district?

JB: We have had more interest in bidding our projects and have gotten very good bids.

In many cases, we have been able to get more for our money, being able to accept add alternates we did not expect we would be able to accept. We have not calculated a savings, but the bids on most projects have come in under budget, allowing us to accept add alternates.

MSC: Are projects being won solely by low bid or do existing relationships with contractors and other factors figure strongly in your project awards?

JB: It depends on the project. We work from a list of preapproved bidders. We have had many projects that are hard bid and the award is to the low bidder. We have also completed some projects using CM/GC delivery. On these projects, we have negotiated a fee with the selected CM/GC contractor and then have worked with the design and construction team to get a guaranteed maximum price.

MSC: What is the status of the district’s current bond issue?

JB: We are currently about 70% complete with the projects in the 2006 Bond Program.

MSC: Does your district have a need or plan to propose future bond issues in the 2012 election?

JB: Our Board of Education has not made a decision on when to take a future bond issue to the voters.

MSC: What construction plans does the district have for 2011 (projects that will complete or break ground)?

JB: We will be bidding the third and final phase of the 2006 Bond Program in spring 2011.

Boulder Valley School District

(key district projects currently planned or under construction)

Arapahoe Ridge High
Architect: RTA Architects
Contractor: W.O. Danielson Construction

Fairview High School
Architect: RTA Architect
Contractor: Golden Triangle Construction

Birch Elementary
Architect: OZ Architecture
Contractor: Adolfson & Peterson

Casey Middle School
Architect: RB+B Architects
Contractor: Saunders Construction Inc.

Bear Creek Elementary
Architect: RTA Architects
Contractor: Adolfson & Peterson

Nederland Middle-Senior High School
Architect: MOA Architects
Contractor: Bassett & Associates

Pioneer Elementary
Architects: H+L Architecture
Contractor: W.O. Danielson Construction

Horizons K-8
Architect: Slaterpaull Architects
Contractor: TBD

New Vista High School
Architect: H+L Architecture
Contractor: TBD