Construction of two 2.8 million gallon steel egg-shaped digesters with an integral 18,500 SF digestion process facility. The facility includes biosolids process mixing systems, recirculation and heating systems, transfer systems, digester gas and foam collection systems, and a stormwater and process overflow pump station. The facility also includes extensive building ventilation and heating systems, as well as associated process and instrumentation control systems. The work also required demolition of the existing Boiler/Cogeneration Facility and demolition of an existing post tensioned 2.1 million gallon concrete digester..

Egg-Shaped Digester
Key Players

Project Name: Egg-Shaped Digester
Location: Spokane, WA
Owner: City of Spokane
Architect: CH2MHill
General Contractor: Garco Construction
Total Construction Cost: $40 million
Construction Start Date: May 2006
Expected Completion Date: May 2008
Project Description: Construction of two 2.8 million gallon