In 2009, work on the Residences at Stoneleigh Condominiums began, but because of a lack of funding and the economic downturn, the project was left incomplete. Three years later, after a competitive bid, Maple Wolf Stoneleigh selected Yates Construction to complete the 396,000-sq-ft, 22-story project.

Photo by John Thomas, John Thomas Photography
The Residences at Stoneleigh Condominiums

Because the structure was incomplete, unused and open to the elements for three years, it was critical to the project's success that the construction team review existing drawings, prior inspections and coordinate with adjacent businesses and tenants. Yates took that information and applied it in reviewing drawings from the design team. The objectives included developing comprehensive guidelines to ensure cost-effective, timely and efficient construction programs that met all project goals. Yates provided recommendations on construction materials, building systems, equipment and project delivery.

Upon award of the project, Yates conducted a kick-off meeting to identify the owner's and architect's project goals and requirements, culminating in a project quality control program. One of the most important procedures in the program was a preconstruction building envelope review meeting with all subcontractors to ensure that all installers of every building envelope component were well aware of the designed systems, their integration with one another and the sequence of installation. This helped all stakeholders discuss and resolve any potential issues before starting work.

Just three months ahead of the scheduled completion date, the owner decided to add an additional $700,000 in enhancements, including landscaping, trelliswork and ground-level fill. Yates incorporated the changes and delivered this $28-million project without delay in November 2013.

Key Players

General Contractor W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Co., Fort Worth

Owner Maple Wolf Stoneleigh LLC, Dallas

Lead Design GDA Architects LLC, Dallas

Structural/Civil Brockette-Davis-Drake, Dallas

MEP Basharkhah Engineering, Dallas

Landscape Architect SMR, Dallas