Crane Worldwide's new facility houses three separate corporate entities, each with its own business functions and requirements, as well as shipping and warehouse areas. Metzger Construction Co. completed the 306,548-sq-ft project, designed by Harry Gendel Architects, in nine-and-a-half months.

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Crane Worldwide.

"The greatest challenge for the design-construction team was achieving occupancy in less than one year, including design and construction," says Richard Metzger, vice president at Metzger Construction. "Building site placement and design were also issues. The project was designed and constructed with energy efficient and sustainability features throughout and is pending LEED certification. Recycled materials were used at every stage throughout the project.

"To reduce the heat island effect, no asphalt was used anywhere on the project and the solar reflectance of all concrete and roofing materials was maximized," he adds.

The complex, multi-use building has three separate office areas totaling 122,926 sq ft that are connected by a large L-shaped, 175,313-sq-ft high-pile warehouse, with a 219,579-sq-ft laydown yard for exterior operations. There is also a three-story atrium, a cafeteria, a basketball court and a fitness center.

"The immense length of the two primary exterior facades, 700 and 900 feet of concrete tilt-wall, posed a significant challenge for the design team," Metzger says.

Large warehouse areas and the laydown yard were designed with heavy-duty concrete slabs to withstand owner-provided equipment and cargo loads, while the exterior walls and structural systems were selected for quick delivery and erection.

"The design/construction team worked closely and efficiently, determining schedules and guidelines and getting design and needs input from end users," Metzger says. "There were no lost-time injuries or accidents, which also added to a positive work environment. During most of the construction period, we were fortunate to have consistently dry weather, which kept work on schedule and prevented significant time delays."

Key Players

Owner: Crane Worldwide, Houston

General Contractor: Metzger Construction Co., Houston

Lead Design: Harry Gendel Architects, Houston

Civil: Cobb, Fendley & Associates, Houston

Structural: Haynes, Whaley, Houston

MEP: Redding, Linden, Burr, Houston

Submitted by Metzger Construction Co. and Harry Gendel Architects