Brian Richard
Scientific interest creates architectural niche
37, Vice President, Science & Technology Team Leader
Kirksey Architecture

Brian Richard turned his long-time interest in science into an architectural career, designing high-performance laboratories and mission critical spaces. At Kirksey, he gained expertise in carrying out projects in which integration of technology and applied science and coordination across disciplines were vital to success. "I find it fortunate I practice architecture on a daily basis that has something to do with that area of the world I am most interested in—science," he says. Richard aims to be a good steward of the environment and holds a U.S. Dept. of Energy-ASHRAE Data Center Energy Use certification. He graduated from the Harvard School of Public Health with training in lab design and has become an expert laboratory planner. Richard also is a valued resource at the firm for projects in the petrochemical, oil and gas, industrial and light manufacturing sectors. He stays active in the community and mentors young people in his profession, instilling in them a passion for knowledge and leadership.




Cory J. Stull
A passion for improving Houston's quality of life
25, Graduate Engineer

As a small boy, Cory Stull enjoyed building and tinkering with Legos and developed a love for math and science. Learning how things work and finding ways to improve them kept his interest in engineering strong. A water resources graduate engineer, Stull takes pride in his efforts to improve Houston's Buffalo Bayou, a waterway passing through downtown on which he canoes and kayaks and for which he volunteers, picking up trash and participating in preservation events. He has been instrumental in performing holistic flood damage reduction studies, developing innovative, visionary plans for the watershed and designing channel conveyance improvements that incorporate natural elements—all within the constraints of a high-profile, densely developed area. Stull aims to maintain the natural landscape while stabilizing the bayou's banks. "The main thing that has allowed me to do what I have done is my passion for the work and the projects I am doing," he says. "Many of the projects have been local. Living in Houston and having an opportunity to enhance the place I live is exciting."




Dana Stumpf
Early experiences give her an advantage
36, Chief Administrative Officer/Owner
Durr Heavy Construction
Harahan, La.

Raised in the family business, Dana Stumpf began filing documents and making copies as a child. As a teen, she dispatched dump trucks while answering phones. "I was fortunate to be exposed to the construction industry from an early age," she says. "Your education is important, but that experience and job knowledge puts you ahead and gives you an advantage." Stumpf left the family business for a while but never ventured far, and now she and her siblings represent the third generation of owners at Durr Heavy Construction. She handles human resources, strategic planning, technology and other functions. While older colleagues mentor Stumpf, she does the same for younger employees and others. She is passionate about providing the next generation with a better region and dedicates much of her free time to youth development, serving as president of the New Orleans Soccer Academy and as a board member of the Mount Carmel Academy and Urban League of Greater New Orleans.