Michael F. D’Andrea
Construction professional also serves on planning commission
39, Director of Construction
Alliance Residential Builders

Trained as an architect, Michael F. D'Andrea made a conscious effort to diversify his skill set early in his career in order to pursue not only the rewards of that field but the wider realm of real estate development and construction. He has worked for several well-known companies in the Southwest and also sits on the Scottsdale Planning Commission. As a result, he has developed extensive skills in site acquisition, zoning and entitlements, development finance, architectural design and construction. He has been involved with several high-profile projects, including Optima Camelview Village, Broadstone Scottsdale Waterfront, The Residences @ CityScape, Artesia Village, Westgate Park City Resort and Fender Guitar.



David Eberle
Dedicated to his field even during his 'off time'
35, Project Environmental Engineer

As an environmental engineer who takes his discipline very seriously, David Eberle has literally taken his work home with him, having installed a greywater irrigation system in his home. He also developed a greenhouse gas management and reporting platform that tracks all Kyoto, Japan, greenhouse gases using calculation methodologies that followed reporting protocols developed by the California Air Resources Board, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and The Climate Registry. He also volunteers for UN-Habitat. But beyond this extra-curricular pursuits, it is his ability to be proficient, fast and organized that has drawn the most praise. "At a point when there was a lot of critical activity going on with our project, David stepped up to take on a lot of responsibility, and managed to do it adeptly," says Brent Alspach, ARCADIS task leader.



Kerrie L. Greenfelder
A chemical engineer driven to innovate and motivate
37, Chemical Engineer
CDM Smith Inc.

With skills as diverse as project management, design, reporting, purchasing, construction oversight and project schedule coordination, Kerrie L. Greenfelder has worked on projects for CDM Smith that are groundbreaking in their scope and approach. Trained as a chemical engineer, she has worked on projects that feature chemical coagulation with granular media filtration for the removal of arsenic from drinking water. She was on the forefront of sustainable practices for two municipal water reclamation projects in Rio Rancho, N.M., representing the first significant water-treatment facilities in that state to use the relatively new membrane bioreactor technology. She also was the project manager and engineer on the design of a wastewater treatment plant improvement project for Hobbs, N.M., and provided engineering services through the liquid-train and solids-train construction phases.

Outside of the office, Greenfelder is passionate about the Society of Women Engineers, where she has served as Sonora-region governor.