The Vadatech corporate headquarters comprises research, development and manufacturing space for the design and manufacture of computer technologies, primarily for clients such as the U.S. Dept. of Defense and NASA. The 70,000-sq-ft facility features more than 30,000 sq ft of high-tech semi-clean rooms for manufacturing and testing. The facility achieved LEED-Certified status through strategies such as recycling 98% of the construction waste and adding energy-efficient boilers and cooling towers.

Photo Courtesy of PGAL Architects
Best Manufacturing Project: Vadatech Corporate Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility

Judges were impressed by the tactics used to overcome challenges with the site, which is located less than 0.5 mile from where the PEPCON plant fire and explosion occurred in 1988. Since the event, the city of Henderson has monitored soil and water in the area.

Because of the close proximity to the site, "it wasn't uncommon to uncover piping and monitoring equipment associated with the disaster," says Travis Schultz, Burke Construction Group's project manager.

Judges said the project's safety performance was another highlight. Third-party, onsite safety inspections were conducted by the Las Vegas Chapter of the Associated General Contractors. Schultz says gaining another set of eyes is an invaluable safety tool.

"By implementing a third party inspection agency, we ensure that we are not only keeping our safety standards at the highest level, but we are also keeping our commitment to all team members," he says.

Vadatech Corporate Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility

Henderson, Nev.

Key Players

General Contractor Burke Construction Group, Las Vegas

Owner/Developer Vadatech Inc., Las Vegas

Architect PGAL Architects, Las Vegas

Structural Engineer Walter P Moore, Las Vegas

Civil Engineer Martin & Martin, Las Vegas

MEP Engineer MSA Engineering, Las Vegas

Subcontractors Bull Concrete; Tradewinds Construction; Patriot Construction; Helix Electric; XL Fire Protection; GTI Nevada; Gallagher Plumbing; HA Fabricators (all Las Vegas)