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Coolidge Generating Station
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Coolidge Generating Station

Best Industrial/Manufacturing Project: Coolidge Generating Station 

This 512-MW, simple-cycle peaking powerplant uses 12 GE LM6000 SPRINT combustion turbine generators with evaporative cooling power augmentation to supply electricity to 500,000 homes via a 20-year power purchase agreement with Salt River Project.

At the push of a button during peak times, all 12 natural gas-fired turbines can start up in just 10 minutes—making this one of the largest plants in the U.S. capable of such a rapid start-up. With average ambient temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, the plant can continue to operate up to 122° F or as low as 15° F.

Safety was a key issue during the incessant summer heat. Construction work began at 3:00 a.m. and the workday ended before noon.

The original construction schedule called for the delivery of a turbine/generator and accessories every three to four weeks. But a major obstacle occurred when the truck transporting the second turbine to the site tipped over and the turbine was laid over on its side. The repair and re-delivery of the damaged turbine was going to take seven months.

Rather than focusing on the delays, the critical path construction schedule was revised and other available equipment was installed on site earlier than originally scheduled, keeping the crews working.

Detailed planning began at project award and continued throughout the execution of the project. Craft teams from laborers to foremen and superintendents had special planning sessions to improve repetitive work activities and find efficiencies in day-to-day tasks. Such careful planning and flexible management helped the project come in a month ahead of schedule and well under budget.

The judges appreciated the community partnering and social responsibility that the owner and contractor demonstrated to the region. For instance, TransCanada contributed $175,000 to a program to help keep young people in school by offering up to 10 scholarships annually to area high school students to attend Central Arizona College.

Submitted by: TIC - The Industrial Co.

Key Players

Owner/Construction Manager: TransCanada Pipelines Ltd., Calgary, Alberta

Contractor: TIC - The Industrial Co., Tucson, Ariz.

Lead Design/Engineer: Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB Power), San Francisco

Submitted by: TIC - The Industrial Co.

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