"David is sort of one of [our] industry heroes," he says. "Over the period of a couple of weeks, he evolved into the go-to guy at the WTC site."

Family Tradition

Still, much of the company's reputation originates from CEO David Griffin Sr.—called "D.H." by those close to him—who founded the company in 1959, when he was just 19. Now 74, D.H. still puts in about 60 hours a week.

Recently, he was scouting out the demolition of a church in downtown Charlotte—which will mark the third time his firm has cleared the site, he says. D.H.'s outlook is straightforward.

"We've always tried to keep everybody we work for happy, and keep the employees happy," he says. "I keep it simple: Keep working hard and keep it going!"

ENR Southeast congratulates D.H. Griffin Wrecking Co. for being recognized as this year's Specialty Contractor of the Year.