One construction worker was killed and a second was severely injured after the roof of a four-story residential structure gave way on a construction site yesterday, Sept. 10, in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, says the New York City Dept. of Buildings.

The injured man was taken to a hospital but no current status is available, says the Fire Dept. of New York.

A Dept. of Buildings spokeswoman says that a preliminary investigation of the site shows that five workers were standing on the roof when a heavy load was delivered, and the roof gave way causing the two workers to fall to the basement. The men worked for Professional Grade Construction Group, Brooklyn, which was issued a permit for the project in February, DOB says. The construction firm declined to provide comment.

The home was part of a larger complex of five, four-story residential structures. The DOB has issued a full stop-work order on all five structures and is in the process of issuing violations, the spokeswoman says.