Not every team member needs to review all model components, says WisDOT CIM engineer Kaela Mattson, who customizes views in accordance with specific team functions. Among varying views are visual models, construction models and models for GPS rovers.

Bringing the project to fruition has not been without challenges. While plans called for erection of five long-span flyover structures in the interchange’s core, site constraints limited the locations for attendant piers, resulting in a decision to limit their number and impose total load capacities of up to 6 million lb on each. Site constraints also dictated the use of 6-ft-dia to 10-ft-dia drilled shafts to support the structures. In comparison to a typical foundation incorporating 30 or 40 driven piles and a pile cap, the large-diameter drilled shafts actually require less space, says John Siwula, principal geotechnical engineer with HNTB.  

One worker on the project died Feb. 28 when his clothing became entangled in a drill augur, reports WisDOT, which is awaiting a final Occupational Safety and Health Administration review of the incident. Because WisDOT operates an owner-controlled insurance program, all contractors must adhere to its safety program, assigning a safety officer for every 30 employees, executing rigorous safety practices and performing random drug tests.

Work is progressing on schedule under the supervision of Wisconsin Constructors II LLC, a joint venture of Michels Corp., Edgerton Contractors and Lunda Construction, which holds a $198.8-million contract for a first-phase project known as Core 1. Scope includes 14 new bridges, 21 walls, 11 noise barriers, approximately 1 million cu yd of earthwork, 350,000 sq yd of concrete pavement and more than 10 miles of concrete barrier. The Core 2 contract, comprising the largest portion of the project, will include 21 new bridges, 31 walls, 11 noise barriers, 1 million cu yd of earthwork, 500,000 sq yd of concrete pavement and 20 miles of concrete barrier.

Core 1 is scheduled for completion in June 2016. Core 2 is scheduled to be let in September and completed in June 2018.